A Case for Hiring a Bookkeeper

Are you doubting the large financial risk it took to invest in your small business? Do you feel so obligated to your business you’ve given up other things because you think that’s what it takes? When is the last time you knew the exact date of your next windfall?  You’re not alone.

There are millions of small-business owners, just like you, who gave up their nine-to-five for what mattered most to them. Yet, they ended up paying less attention to their dreams than before. It’s unnerving. It’s unfair. It’s completely avoidable. A majority of small business owners, such as myself, don’t specialize in bookkeeping. I’m an English tutor. Which means I could tell you about the syntactical differences between Hemmingway and Capote, but I can’t balance my checkbook. A dramatization, of course. But really, I don’t have time to learn about accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll processing, reconciliation, personal taxes, business taxes, business consulting, and QuickBooks training. When filing taxes as an entrepreneur, one out-of-place, coffee-soaked receipt can ruin everything. 

Luckily, there’s a solution—VaroTeam. 

VaroTeam was established in 2017 to rescue small-business owners, like us, from the pain of day-to-day accounting tasks, so we can focus on the reason we got into business in the first place. You’re an army of a few at best. Why would you pay for another accounting firm that’s built for—and charges for—a much larger clientele? VaroTeam specializes in working with small and medium size businesses and have custom tailored plans that won’t break the bank. has just over fifty clients. Now’s the time. Now’s your time.

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