About Us

No matter what industry you’re in, no matter what services you provide and no matter who your customers are, what does matter is numbers.

Numbers can highlight how money flows in and out of your business, help you spot strategic opportunities and ultimately, show whether your enterprise is healthy. All this can only happen if the numbers are accurate, which is why VaroTeam provides bookkeeping accounting, and CFO services that deliver you business information that is correct, timely, and actionable.

Our goal is to take care of your numbers so you can take care of the rest of your business. We do this by maximizing the use of technology, freeing up your time to accomplish your business goals and the reasons you got into it in the first place!

Need for services

There are many reasons why business owners would need bookkeeping, accounting, and CFO services. For example, you are too busy to manage your own books, your current technology systems are not generating information that helps you make the best decisions, your internal accounting staff has a high turnover, and/or your operations are vulnerable if one person gets sick, takes vacation  or leaves.

Issues VaroTeam can solve for you

Our team of experts can help you to streamline your financial operations, improve cash flow, and avoid costly mistakes. We also can act as your strategic partner in leveraging the latest technological innovations and reducing the time you spend worrying about your finances.

Why use VaroTeam?

Accounting-only firms generally provide services for the sole purpose of creating a tax return, not to provide information that helps you with day to day management and decision making.  Moreover, the limited-use information they provide can cost more than twice what it would to use VaroTeam.

With VaroTeam, you receive higher quality data at a lower investment.  By using our services, you don’t need to bear the cost of salary and benefits to accounting and finance staff.  We also save you the opportunity cost of your own time; instead of using it to compile your financials, you can better spend it on operating your business from the top, using the top-quality information we provide you!

Advisory services

VaroTeam’s experts build trust and understanding by helping you fully understand your numbers. We collaboratively participate with your team, and our job is to develop the strategies to help you grow the company and achieve your goals.

Use of technology

Making the best use of technology doesn’t always mean you have to purchase anything new; VaroTeam experts can show you how to leverage the technology assets that you already have.  Some of the ways we do this are:  Fully utilizing the advanced functionalities of QuickBooks Online, employing integrative apps which work seamlessly with your accounting software, and expense reporting utilities which allow more detailed tracking for employees and business owners.

The VaroTeam Advantage!

With a focus on efficiently using technology, we can advise you on how to get the most benefit from your investment in it.

We save your business from the extra time, training and other expenses that come from inexpert deployment of technology.

By keeping up with the latest developments, we can confidently advise you on which technologies will best help you most cost-effectively accomplish your goals.

And as a high-tech, high-touch firm, we work remotely, expanding our availability to you.

Our Story

Our Story

VaroTeam was born from the independent inspiration of our co-founders Giuseppe Salamone and Helen Kakouris. Giuseppe recognized that for small and mid-size business owners, inadequate bookkeeping and accounting often undercut their businesses and derailed their dreams. Helen realized that these types of companies didn’t have ready access to top quality financial controls.  

To address these concerns, Giuseppe started an accounting / bookkeeping company and Helen launched a CFO service firm.  

As their enterprises both grew rapidly,  Giuseppe and Helen identified a way to support more companies even more efficiently by merging their organizations to provide accounting, bookkeeping, and CFO services through a unified VaroTeam.

Our Values

Our Values

As a partner in delivering vital business data, our client relationships are built on trust, honesty, and professionalism.  

We do this not only through the accurate, useful, and timely information we deliver but also through the passion our staff brings to our work. 

We understand, appreciate, and honor that our success comes from your success.

Our Culture

Our Culture

All of our team members are enthusiastic…about bookkeeping and financial technology!  

We are excited to learn and share any new information that helps us continually enhance the value we deliver.  

And we are involved in continuous education so we keep current in the field, allowing us to best incorporate new knowledge and tools for the benefit of our clients.

Have you ever seen anyone get excited about reconciling financial statements? At VaroTeam, it happens!  Passionate about our work, we like to think of ourselves as “geeky rock stars.” And as such, every VaroTeam member is empowered to take leadership so we can best deliver to our clients, our promise: Leadership in helping you Organize, Strategize, and Optimize!

About Us

Giuseppe Salamone

Giuseppe Salamone


As an accountant and the co-Founder of VaroTeam, Giuseppe Salamone knows the importance of communicating with precision. So when he says he is from a “big family”, he means it! Son to an entrepreneuring Italian immigrant and second-oldest of 43 grandchildren in his family (eldest on his mom’s side) Giuseppe also understands the value in setting an example of quality work, service, and inspiration. Fortunately, his commitment to this includes VaroTeam’s members, whom Giuseppe also considers part of his family!

Giuseppe’s love of accounting and bookkeeping is fueled by a passion for logic. He has always found joy in changing chaos into cleanliness and confusion into clarity. He pursues this in part through his studies. Already holding Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Accounting, he’s now working toward credentialing as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

With the encouragement of other entrepreneurs in his family, Giuseppe turned his enthusiasm for orderly numbers into a lifeline for other business owners by starting Say Bookkeeping, an outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services firm. Initially operating it as an unrelated side business while working as a Controller, Giuseppe quickly realized there was enough demand for him to build it into a full-time commitment. In fact, the company grew to the point where Giuseppe saw the opportunity to enhance its impact even further. In 2020 he merged Say Bookkeeping with an outsourced CFO services firm, creating VaroTeam. As co-Founder, while Giuseppe is responsible for VaroTeam’s technological leadership and overall growth, his primary focus every day is to ensure continued member service excellence.

Giuseppe’s prior professional accomplishments include operational and financial improvement she brought to Care Resource (a multi-million dollar non-profit). Additionally, during his work at JPMorgan, he built out all financial operations for the Health Savings Account department.

But before Giuseppe dedicated himself to bringing success to businesses in America, he was bringing America to the world! Through work as an English teacher in South Korea and Thailand, he funded years of travel around Asia.

Giuseppe lives by time-honored values passed down for generations. They are honesty (which never goes out of style), timeliness (he is usually early), and always putting your best foot forward (which he now empowers his clients to do!)

Through volunteerism, Giuseppe has had a positive impact in the community as well.Most recently, having served on its Finance Committee, Giuseppe has joined the board of the Aqua Foundation forWomen, a nonprofit serving South Florida’s LGBTQ community.

Besides balancing financial records, Giuseppealsobalances his life with exercise, and a commitment to languages (he previously studied French, speaks Italian, and is currently learning Spanish.)But no matter your level of mastery with the language of business, Giuseppe is ready to help you get your books letter-perfect!

Helen Kakouris

Helen Kakouris


As a CPA and Co-Founder of VaroTeam, Helen Kakouris knows the importance of bringing experience to each of her client interactions.

Growing up in California and Colorado, she appreciated the importance of experiences from a young age. Helen graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a minor in Legal Studies. Immediately following, she continued her education and received her Master of Accountancy and CPA license within weeks of her 23rd birthday.

The summer following graduation, she went to work full-time in the audit practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Her main client was a Fortune 300 company, worked on multiple IPOs, multiple public companies, and numerous private company audits as well.

While still at PwC, she was recruited to work in financial reporting and analysis for a publicly-traded Forbes Global 2000 company located in Miami. She accepted the job offer while on her honeymoon and just two weeks after her wedding she and her husband moved cross-country.

A couple years later, she received an opportunity to build a business from the ground up. Understanding most small businesses can’t afford a full-time CFO, she left her corporate job to form a partnership providing CFO services to small and medium-sized companies. With her strong background in internal controls and analysis she is able to quickly assess a company and identify areas needing improvement from the first conversation. The outsourced CFO business made it possible for small and medium-sized companies to gain access to top tier professionals.

For years Helen saw the greater potential in a completely outsourced accounting department to include Bookkeeping, Accounting, CFO Services, and Tax. This vision came to fruition when officially merging with Say Bookkeeping in 2020 to form VaroTeam.

By applying experience and knowledge along with integrity and commitment she is helping VaroTeam and its client reach their goals daily.

Through volunteerism, Helen has also brought her passion for positive impact to many people in need. Having been involved in community service since childhood, she has contributed her talents to Guitars Over Guns, Junior League of Miami, Boys and Girls Club, Junior Achievement, local churches, and countless homeless shelters and low-income initiatives.

Helen’s perspective is further strengthened by her family (husband and two children) and her hobbies which include travel, photography, and running! You may see Helen as a featured presenter in an expert panel discussion or as an award finalist (most recently selected in the top 8 finalists out of 80 nominees for Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce’s “Badass Women of the Year”). She is ready to share her insights and experience for your company’s benefit.

Diana Durham

Diana Durham


A Floridian through and through, Diana was born and raised in Winter Haven. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Accounting at University of Florida in Gainesville and her MBA in Business Administration from Florida Southern College in Lakeland. Now, she resides in Lake Wales.

Throughout her career Diana has dedicated herself to effectively managing financial information. At VaroTeam, she prepares and analyzes reports, reconciles accounts, and does whatever is needed to bring members’ books up to date. Diana has also developed and implemented tools that strengthen VaroTeam’s own operations while enhancing the company’s ability to meet member needs.

With her impeccable project management skills, commitment to continuous learning, and amazing work ethic, Diana has been recognized in every role along the way for getting the job done right. Her values are reflected in the powerful information she delivers that is ready to use for informing business decisions. To many this is scary work, but for Diana it’s a labor of love!

Diana lives with her other loves (her husband and two kids) enjoying their house nestled in the woods. She appreciates the wild, but only in nature! During the workweek, she finds fulfillment in transforming chaos into clarity. This Sunshine Stater is ready to help your books shine!

Jason Magrisso

Jason Magrisso


Valuing health has long been a fairly universally appreciated concept. Today, tools are constantly being invented to help people track it with numbers. Not everyone recognizes that using quantitative methods to take care of health can go beyond ourselves and apply to the world of business as well. But Jason Magrisso appreciates these ideas, and puts them into action every day.

Originally from Miami Beach, Jason currently resides in Wellington. After living in San Francisco while getting a Bachelors of Science in Finance at Santa Clara University, he returned to Florida to earn his MBA from Nova Southeastern University.

For the first five years of his career, Jason served in the management of After-School All-Stars, a Miami-based nonprofit providing after school programming to inner city middle schools. He has since worked in accounting roles for Pero Family Farms Food Company, Kaufman Rossin (a top 75 national accounting firm), and most recently Controller at SEDADental. He had also owned a wheatgrass beverage companyVELU, which successfully placed product in hundreds of stores, including whole Foods. Jason takes care of his own health too, through regular sessions of CrossFit, and weekend rounds of golf. And to keep cool, he enjoys a good Netflix movie.

Beyond the analysis, financial, and reporting experience he’s gained through accounting training and experience, Jason can also develop systems to manage time, data, and compensation structures. He has brought all of this expertise with him to VaroTeam. As a Senior Accountant, Jason provides our members with reports that are timely, accurate, and valuable tools in managing organizational performance. As he never stops learning, Jason asks insightful questions. And by living the Golden Rule, he develops meaningful connections. He is a true partner to our member businesses by helping them gain complete perspective on their financial health!

Edward Dick

Edward Dick


Having a successful accounting career means keeping a keen eye on the numbers that drive businesses. Edward doesn’t just display this kind of focus every day--he’s done it for his entire life! Born in Costa Rica and raised in Curacao, after graduating high school Edward moved to the Netherlands to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Accountancy from The Hague. He then came to Miami to earn a Master of Accounting degree from St. Thomas University.

Throughout his entire career, Edward has been managing, interpreting, and reporting on financial data. He began in the Netherlands working in audit roles for companies including Ernst and Young, KPMG, and Kreston Syncount. On account of this work, his client organizations were able to improve inventory management, enhance their capital investments, reorganize for greater impact, and upgrade analysis capabilities.

Edward returned to Miami in 2019 to join VaroTeam, where he supports the financial administration of organizations in a variety of industries. His Big 4 audit background allows him to suggest numerous improvement areas for clients from operations to financial. He enjoys the challenge of new analysis projects that are customized to the client. By reconciling accounts and preparing financial statements, he satisfies the management needs of each individual company. As a result, they enjoy greater decision-making capabilities and lower costs in their current operations while also enabling powerful presentations to investors who can fuel further expansion. At VaroTeam, through his mastery of financial management concepts, Edward has earned trust from colleagues and accolades from members.

In addition to playing an active role in the success of VaroTeam’smembers, Edward also lives an active lifestyle! A lifelong athlete, he has played soccer and tennis recreationally and competed formally in swimming and judo. And now that he helps strengthen VaroTeam’smembers, he also keeps himself strong through training in weightlifting and kickboxing.

Edward’s strength comes through not only in what he can do, but also in who he is. While always valuing honesty and integrity, Edward learns continually by listening intently. While he sees things through despite any challenge, he also believes in surrounding himself with positive and supportive people. We do too, which is one of the many reasons VaroTeam is fortunate to have Edward as one of our own!

Sam Wang

Sam Wang


Paying close attention, spotting key data points, and taking advantage of them. Throughout recorded history, these have been foundational behaviors for success in many arenas. And Sam Wang has been applying them throughout his.

Born in China, Sam came to the United States in 2014 to attend the University of Miami as an Accounting major with a minor in Finance. In his academic pursuits Sam studied the capture, evaluation, and use of information. He quickly put hi s learning to use, starting by combining these aptitudes with his passion for sports. As part of the University of Miami Football Video Coordinators team, he armed the Hurricanes’ coaching staff with information they used to prepare for upcoming opponents . During his undergraduate years Sam also worked for a bank as an Assistant Software Developer

Continuing at U of Miami, Sam further honed his skills in the strategic use of financial data, earning a Master of Accounting degree. During his graduate studies, he also became a Certified Public Accountant and later became credentialed as a Certified Management Accountant.

After graduation, Sam immediately joined VaroTeam. By combining his technical and analytical abilities along with detail orientation and multitasking skill, Sam helps our members maintain a big picture view of their finances while keeping close track of the underlying numbers. Through ongoing member connection, Sam ensures that their business realities are accurately reflected in their financial statements. By regularly reviewing these, Sam also identifies anomalies that save members money.

Although advanced analytics has only recently become part of the sports world, athletics have long been a source of valuable life lessons. These are on full display to anyone who sees the courage, commitment, and collaborative spirit that Sam brings to the team. While Sam takes our members to new levels in understanding their businesses, we already know that we are fortunate to have his contributions every day!

Emma Orantes

Emma Orantes


Born in Guatemala, Emma moved to the United States early on and has lived most of her life in Los Angeles. She obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science and Electronics, then moved to Miami in 2014 to manage a retail store specializing in furniture. From this opportunity she built a strong foundation of customer service skills while also managing costs, invoicing and a host of other elements that affect a businesses’ bottom line. She calls on all of these experiences and skills in service to members at VaroTeam.

As the Support Services Manager, Emma manages accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and sales tax filings for VaroTeam members.  When responding to member emails and calls she is essentially working as an offsite part of their team to save them time, effort and money. 

Always looking to learn so she can contribute in ever-increasing ways, Emma exemplifies a dedication to agility, growth and service.  She applies this commitment in all of her work with VaroTeam, and beyond through many volunteer efforts in the community.

By leading a weekly workshop in Little Havana that includes instruction in English language and American history, Emma helps aspiring future Americans prepare for citizenship interviews and also become active community members. 

In service to families who have been affected by domestic violence, addiction or homelessness, Emma regularly pitches in at Lotus House.  She also does her part to fight food insecurity by helping out every month as a greeter and a server with Enriched Foods, a nonprofit in Miami, Florida.

Since Emma knows that that everywhere you look there are opportunities to do great things, her secret to success is to “keep moving!”  She carries this value beyond her work and volunteerism to her hobbies as well; whether she is learning from biographies, working out, or traveling to see the world that she is helping to make a better place.

Alex Shulman

Alex Shulman


Though Alex’s career has spanned different industries, transcended different titles, and required different talents, his valuable traits have been consistent throughout. As a source of clarity, versatility, and authenticity, Alex is our trusted teammate in helping VaroTeam represent in our own business what we do for our clients.

Born in Charleston, Alex’s early schooling mostly took place in a suburb of Pittsburgh. He then ventured to New York City, obtaining his Bachelor of Science Degree in Advertising, Marketing, and Communications from the State University of New York's Fashion Institute of Technology. After his 12 year stay in the Big Apple, Alex worked his way back south again. Following a two year stint in Atlanta, he has been living and working in South Florida since 2008.

Through his management roles for Crate & Barrel, Ulta Beauty and State Farm, Alex has demonstrated strength not only in taking care of customers but also in overseeing the processes that support them. In2020, he joined VaroTeam as an Accounts Payable Specialist and immediately began showing his commitment to working collaboratively and learning continuously. By effectively managing our payment responsibilities, Alex plays a vital part in helping VaroTeam conduct our business with efficiency and integrity.

Alex enjoys keeping active (by swimming, playing tennis, and hitting the gym) while also indulging his appreciation for art and design. In early 2020 Alex moved to Winter Park Florida with his husband Scott and their Goldendoodle Parker. As a dedicated advocate for the LGBTQ community, Alex is part of the Founders Circle for The Pride Center at Equality Park of South Florida.

We are proud to have Alex on our team. We also appreciate his philosophy of always thinking about what can go right! Withhisproficiency, partnership, and passion, he helps us do things right for our business partners!

Aleksandra Eifler

Aleksandra Eifler


Often, the language we use reflects our experience in the world. As a worldly woman, Aleksandra Eifler has mastered many languages. For starters, the Polish she learned in her native country, the German she picked up over nine years as a local, and the English she’s been using since moving to Florida over 20 years ago.

Aleksandra also speaks the language of business. She previously served in roles including retail manager, property manager, and hotel general manager. Now with VaroTeam, she’s calling on over 25 years of accounting experience. By overseeing services in our core product team, Aleksandra is at the heart of what we do; making sure our members’ financial records are delivered accurately and on time. Going beyond reconciliations and reports, Aleksandra helps our members with accounting strategies and tactics that increase organization, transparency, and efficiency. To any project, she brings not only order, but also durability and sustainability. Because if something is worth having, it's worth keeping for a long time!

Toward that end, Aleksandra also speaks the language of personal growth and wellness. A dedicated reader, writer, vegan, yogi, and meditation practitioner, she believes in sustaining health in mind and body. As a yoga instructor and as coach, for health, life, and leadership, she is also passionate about helping others enjoy the benefits as they become their best selves.

As Aleksandra appreciates beauty in all forms, she is especially grateful to be in Florida. She explores its natural wonders. She connects with its amazing people. And every day, she devotes herself to delivering well-organized business information that reflects where our members are, and where they have the potential to go!

Lastres Arlen

Arlen Lastres


At 9 years old, Arlen left her native Cuba and arrived in the United States. It was one of her first major learning experiences… and she has been eagerly gathering knowledge ever since! Presently working toward her Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting at Florida International University, Arlen is proud to be a Panther. And VaroTeam is proud to have her on the team!

Arlen onboards new members to make sure their partnership with VaroTeam is productive from the start.  She also provides existing membership subscribers with account reconciliations, bookkeeping “catch up” work they’ve brought from previous years, bill management, and more.

Understanding that you can learn from anyone at anytime, Arlen believes in mastering everything she does.  She lives by the principle “Work hard, work hard, and when you are tired, work even harder…” and has been recognized for it, as well as her impeccable organizational skills!

Arlen is fiercely devoted to supporting the success of her team.  Before coming to work at VaroTeam, Arlen won “Employee of the Month” at a local clothing store, even though at the time she had only been there for three months! 

When she’s not working or studying, Arlen enjoys the local food scene and also live country music.  But more often, she’s taking full advantage of VaroTeam’s supportive and growth-oriented culture, learning every day while providing her clients with expert bookkeeping and perfect books!

Allison Fowler

Allison Fowler


One of Allison’s greatest joys is imparting knowledge to help others be their best. Fortunately, she has a lot to share! As a well-rounded, well-travelled and well-meaning professional, Allison relates to a wide variety of people especially entrepreneurs, because she’s got that spirit too!

Allison was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Miami. At University of South Florida she obtained her Bachelors of Arts degree for International Studies and an Associate in Arts degree in Theatre Arts. She also earned a Master’s of Science in Higher Education Administration from Southern New Hampshire University, and completed professional coursework in Instructional Leadership at the University of Wisconsin.

She previously lived in California, taught English as a Second Language in Thailand (where she achieved her Teaching of English as a Foreign Language certification), then moved to South Korea to teach English.  In 2008 she returned to the United States and now lives in New York City.  In this work, Allison employs operations skills that she honed at prior jobs, including as a Legal Assistant, Office and Operations manager for a technology company, Business Director of a school, ESL Education Director, and at JPMorgan Chase’s HSA Operations division she worked with Giuseppe Salamone, the Co-Founder of VaroTeam!

Having discovered her passion for bookkeeping, she combines it with her ability to connect people, providing VaroTeam opportunities to show the world what it can do in service to business owners and leaders.  In this work, Allison employs operations skills that she honed at prior jobs, including as a legal assistant, Office and Operations Manager for a technology company, Business Director of an English language school, ESL Education Director, and in JPMorgan Chase’s HSA Operations division (where she worked with Giuseppe Salamone, the future founder of VaroTeam!)  In doing so, she inspires businesses to partner with VaroTeam while helping members of VaroTeam’s client family to reduce the time they spend managing their finances, while simultaneously enjoying more positive results. 

In all of her endeavors, Allison is honest, dependable, reliable, committed and loyal, all while radiating her warm and caring nature. Besides VaroTeam and its members, Allison’s other passions include the fine arts, writing and travel. She takes inspiration from strong women such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Arianna Huffington…and her own mother! 

Allison is always ready to help solve a problem, support someone in need or explain to business owners how the power of VaroTeam’s bookkeeping, accounting and CFO services can help take their organization to a higher level of profitability!

Donovan Lazar

Donovan Lazar


Donovan brings over 30 years of experience from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, Donovan has been a successful founder building an international trading, education, and software company with offices in 7 counties on 5 continents. After a successful career managing hedge funds and raising money, including exiting his own startup, Donovan began working with other early-stage startups helping them scale. He has worked across a number of verticals spending his time building sales and marketing departments from the ground up.

Donovan has learned firsthand the mistakes businesses can make and has brought his inspirational leadership to help drive success while maintaining a great culture. With great culture comes great passion and this is what motivates him to work within the small to mid-size business world. Helping companies achieve while making an impact is what drives Donovan at VaroTeam.

On a lighter side, Donovan is passionate about ancient history, has traveled the world, and is an avid athlete playing football for over 20 years while competing at a high level in water skiing and snow skiing. This dedication to sports has been the main driver in his leadership style.